Juntos Bistro

( Choose One Of The Following Items For Your Spa Lunch At Heaven

 Essence Day Spa)

Sandwich Cold

Get Your Goat- Chicken breast, creamy goat cheese pesto, tomatoes and arugula served on white or whole wheat

 French loaf.

Very Veggie Wrap- Crisp peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers with a savoury sweet potato


The Yoke's on You- Traditional egg salad with celery & green onion served on a soft white or whole wheat bun.

You are my Hero Wrap- Fresh sliced roast beef, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and cheddar, horseradish mayo and 

homemade Dijon mustard.


Awesome Asian - Kale, cabbage, peppers, carrots, and rice noodles tossed in an orange/ginger dressing topped with

 cashews (veg, vegan, gluten free)

Jamaican Me Hungry- Jerk chicken, colourful peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots served with a mango

 salsa vinaigrette on a bed of greens ( lettuce, kale/Brussel sprouts).

Fiesty Fiesta Fajita salad- Bed of greens, colourful peppers, roasted corn, cumin, black beans, homemade Pico de

 Gallo & homemade Yogurt cilantro dressing and spicy corn puffs. (veg, gluten free) Add Fajita Chicken.